Let the great inner adventure begin...

Individual Counselling

If you’ve been struggling with stress, depression, or feeling lost in your life, therapy is an wonderful and empowering gift to offer yourself. My work with clients spans 20 years of clinical experience. In that time I have seen and helped people make remarkable changes.

It takes courage to acknowledge the struggle you are having and to reach out. The act of doing so is momentous because in it you are taking charge to begin turning things around.

There is Reason to Have Hope.
Therapy can help you regain your footing
& stop the downward spiral.

Individual sessions can help you to:

  • Strengthen Yourself: develop your sense of personal power and feel greater calm & capability in addressing your life’s challenges. 
  • Build your self connection: Develop a more harmonious and compassionate way of relating to yourself and others as you navigate through difficult times. 
  • Create new, positive patterns: find your own inner compass as a guide to strong and healthy choices that support your well-being. 
  • Heal & recover from painful past experiences: rekindle hope and begin to rebuild your life so that old hurts are no longer have the power to hold you back.

The work I do is all about helping you to make a transformative change in yourself—to help you clear away old mindsets that have held you back, to help you make contact with your true voice and bring it forward into the world, to help you not only feel stronger, but to create a healthy and fulfilling life.

As you work on and make changes in yourself, your relationships and life
begin to take a new, healthier, and beautiful form.

 My approach is about helping more of you that is already there come forward. It’s about helping you feel in the driver’s seat of your life, setting a destination that you want to get to, and getting there together.

I Begin with Where You Are.

When you come in to see me, you are my sole focus for our time together. My approach is characterized by kindness and encouragement. The session is a place for you to share about your life & explore issues that may be difficult to talk about with others.

I will walk with you each step of the way in your process and really listen deeply to you. I want to hear about your fears, concerns, frustrations, and worries, but I will also help you draw out and build your strengths. As we connect and build a relationship together, greater clarity about what really matters most to you will emerge.

I am passionate about helping you to connect with yourself and find your
own voice beyond fear and self-doubt. 

In session you will find me to be an active therapist—I will respond to you and offer new ways of considering yourself, your needs, your possibilities. This can be invaluable in helping you to first identify, and then unhook from old patterns that limit or shut you down.

Sometimes our work may be about
increasing your capacity to handle difficult feelings;
sometimes, it will be about expanding your comfort zone to move
yourself into new territory for growth.

Therapy is a combination of craft, knowledge, and the power of a connected relationship.  Together we will look to draw upon wisdom and practicality to find what works to help you move forward.

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