Your present circumstances
don't determine where you can go;
they merely determine where you start.

What Do You Stand For?

It’s hard to make the most out of our life experiences if we don’t have a sense of who we are and who we are growing into. Having a vision about this is key. I want to share with you an important question I return to periodically in my own pursuit of making the most of it: “What do I stand for?”
“What do I stand for?” is really about your values and principles, but this question goes further to invite you to sift through and hone down what is really critical for you at this particular place along the road in your life. This question tends to move us away from notions of accomplishments and outcomes and makes room for the process of life: the day to day of who we are in the world, and how we are in the world.
You can also explore this alongside other related questions to work with the process a little further. I invite you to take out some paper and jot down what comes to you. Here are a few to get you started:
“What have I stood for in the past?”
“What am I wanting to stand for but find challenging to get to?”
“When I look at role models, idols, heros/heroines, or just people I admire in a certain way, what 
are they standing for that draws me toward them?”
As you become clearer on what you stand for, where do you see that you are already honouring this in your life? Talking it over and exchanging answers to these kinds of questions make for some great conversation, and it might just help you identify another piece in your journey to make the most of it.